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Excellent entertainment and smart home electronics are only as good as their technology. We at Mues-Tec don't want to leave anything to chance. That's why we are doubly committed to Germany as a business location. We develop our products at our company headquarters near Fulda and many devices from our portfolio are manufactured in Germany. In dialogue with customers from industry and trade, our engineers and product designers work hand in hand to develop high-quality, marketable devices. All quality-critical steps take place at the company headquarters. Thanks to our structured project management, customer wishes are implemented precisely. Every Mues Tec product convinces with sophisticated technology and innovative design. Our smart mirrors and mirror televisions are used in private households, in the catering and hotel trade and as advertising mirrors in digital signage. Mues-Tec develops in Germany and works with renowned planning and architectural offices throughout Europe.

Branch office Thun

Bierigutstrasse 1

CH-3608 Thun

+41 (0)30 588 011 7

Source of Smart Home Technology – Creator of the Smart Mirror – Waterproof Electronic Devices.

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